Welcome to my world. I shoot the scenes that capture my eyes and stimulates my brain. The collection of photos here on AbeytaPhotography.com come from my everyday life, photo shoots I've done, and from my travels.

I live in North County San Diego, and our every day life is pretty fantastic. It's hard to do better than our moderate year round temperature and scenic beauty. We have plenty to see (and photograph) and experience. Many of the photos come from our life here.

The other photos displayed here are from my travels to Canada, Peru, Italy, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Budapest, Vienna, Prauge and from places across the North America. Italy and the Netherlands are from our 2010 trips. The images from Easter Europe are from 2012. Europe is such an amazing place to travel to. Everything is so old, beautiful and built with a purpose. It is amazing to see something that was created 500 years ago is a hub of modern life. And as you travel from city to city or town to town, you can see how each place is so different than the other.

All of my photos displayed at AbeytaPhotography.com are for sale - either as a print on the many mediums displayed or electronically for digital display. If there is something you are looking for specifically from any of the places i have been to (or am going), please ask. This link will take you to my TripAdvisor Travel Map. Also, if i can be of assistance to you for any place i have been, please ask. I try to keep an extensive travel journal on each destination and the places we've stayed.

All images from Abeyta Photography are available for license for your needs. Our images are available through IstockPhoto.com and Getty Images. We can also license images directly for your business needs - Web, Print, Direct Mail, etc. Contact us directly at Les@abeytaPhotography.com and we'll send you a copy of our license agreement that we can modify.

We have satisified clients all over the world with Abeyta Photography images. We have clients across the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and the Phillipines. Abeyta Photography has also provided images and photography services for the following:

CBS Sports
DM9 Jayme Syfu Advertising (Phillipines)
Great Destinations, Inc
Pacific Monarch Resorts
Diamond Resorts International
Cabo Azul Resort
Cancun Resort

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my captures.