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Photos taken in and around Amsterdam in November 2010. Amsterdam is a truly beautiful and friendly city. This city of canals (I thought Venice was the only one) was much more than I had anticipated or imagined. City dates back to the 1600s and every home is a piece of art in its own right. Each canal and set of homes has it's own character and breath of life.

The actual streets were made of brick, the canals picturesque, the church bells rang throughout the day, the cafe's and stores were a plenty, and yes, the coffeeshops (made for smoking the canibas) were definitely a site to see (and try if you are of that mind).

Definitely a place to visit.
Brouwergracht at nightClock of NorderkerkCheese the Farmers Marketmushrooms at the Farmers MarketFarmer's Market Florist - NoorderkerkBicycles along Prinsengracht in AmsterdamHouseboats on the prinsengracht canalOrange Car in AmsterdamAmsterdam graffitiCobblestonesCherubs and Skullsone reason to go to amsterdamAmsterdam Sidewalk RedBrewery HardwareHeineken and BicyclesBuilding ReflectionBoat Reflection20101113 Amsterdam (19)20101113 Amsterdam (6)20101114 Amsterdam (220)

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