Mona EL Mallah(non-registered)
Amazing pictures. you are such an artist Les.
You've captured wonderful scenes that remind me of the places I've been to, now seen through another's eyes.
Bipin Khimasia(non-registered)
Hi....Enjoyed your photos (and the urban music). Certainly is an inspiration to better.
Derek Dsouza(non-registered)
Love the pictures les, they are beautiful, you will love the old architecture in India.
Dana Baldwin(non-registered)
Gorgeous, just gorgeous!
Mike Trobee(non-registered)
I spent quite some time looking at your art. It is just breathtaking. There is such a vast and diverse collection of wonderment. You have a keen eye for detail and also an eye for seeing what most might miss. I loved looking at all the beautiful image.....just awesome!!!

Mary Serantoni(non-registered)
Thank you for the invitation and all the happy memories!
Continued inspiration & little epiphanies,

Mary Serantoni
Alx Fox(non-registered)
Wow, great job Les! loved them, so nice to see another artist escaping from the past.
Sally Michaels(non-registered)
Les, Your images draw me into them and touch me on a soul level. That's the only way I can explain this non-verbal response with words. Your sense of composition is truly unique, your portfolio so prolific I only wish I could be surrounded by my favorites. (choosing them would be a challenge) I thank you for adding beauty to the lives of those whom are fortunate enough to view them (and/or own them) And no, I am not a rep...just a fan
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