An investment with Abeyta Fine Art Photography images is a wise and lasting choice.  Not only are all of the images themselves unique, they are also made from quality materials.  Below are the prices for the prints available and the details on the actual canvases.

Email me at if you want a custom image or visit us on Etsy ( for a 8" x 12"  unmatted print.

The images in my portfolio can be had as a print or on canvas, depending upon your budget and viewing taste



  Canvas Linen Print Linen Print Matted Notes
Sizes (2/3 ratio)  
    Extra Small (8" x 12") $129 $25 $35 Matted footprint is 11" x 14"
    Small (12" x 18") $199 $45 N/A  
    Medium (16" x 24") $299 $99


    Large (20" x 30") $349 $130 N/A  
    Xtra Large (24" x 36") $499 $175 N/A  
Sizes Panorama (1/3 ratio)  
    Medium Panorama (10" x 30") $249 $99 N/A Linen Print is mounted on single layer hardboard so you can hang without a frame
    Large Panorama (15" x 45") $399 N/A N/A  



Printed on Kodak Professional Endura paper which offers rich colors and true blacks. Photographs have a linen texture for a true fine art feel.

If you choose the matte option, the matting is either white are black to accentuate the image.



The quality of the production materials is superior which will allow for years of viewing pleasure.  Each image is printed on UV protected, artist grade canvas that is 21MM thick.  The images are all gallery wrapped with a mirror edge and mounted on 1.5” rails for a dramatic gallery display look and feel.  Each image is ready for hanging upon arrival and has a one year craftsman warranty. 


Generally, there are three border styles for canvases.  My collection, for the most part, have the mirror border. 

Image Border: The image is printed larger than the finished size and use it to wrap around the sides. This works well for images with a lot of excess room around the subject.

Mirror Border: When important aspects of your image extend close to the edges this option allows us to copy and flip the ends of your image to create a mirrored duplicate on the sides. This creates the illusion of an image wrap without losing important detail on the face of the canvas.

Color Border:  Great for close-up images, especially portraits where a mirror border will cause the subject to look distorted on the sides.



All images from Abeyta Photography are available for license for your needs.  Our images are available through and Getty Images.  We can also license images directly for your business needs - Web, Print, Direct Mail, etc.  Contact us directly at and we'll send you a copy of our license agreement that we can modify.



We have satisified clients all over the world with Abeyta Photography images.  We have clients across the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and the Phillipines.  Abeyta Photography has also provided images and photography services for the following:

  • CBS Sports
  • DM9 Jayme Syfu Advertising (Phillipines)
  • Pacific Monarch Resorts
  • Diamond Resorts International
  • Cabo Azul Resort
  • Cancun Resort