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An Asian Proverb, some say it is Korean, say's "Its better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times". I think this is a universal axiom.

I have taken my my images and applying this proverb to them. Enjoy!
ITL-0010-Ponte Vecchio At DuskBudapest Parliment at nightAMS-0016-Couple On BenchAMS-0001-Amsterdam Canal W Boats 1Kissing on the Charles BridgeUSA-0013-Oceanside Pier Just Before SunriseMEX-0002-Tropicana CandlesFall in Central ParkITL-0046-Venetian Canal 2USA-0018-Sunset At Moonlight BeachBuda's Reformed Church and St. Anne's ChurchAMS-0032-Windmills Of Zaanse SchansAMS-0031-Milk Canisters In EdamAMS-0005-Amsterdam Sidewalk RedAMS-0008-Bicycles On The WallSunrise on Misty MorningSpriral Staircase up at Cathedral of Our Lady

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