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20160921 Fall colors in Nederland (18)-13 - WebAMS-0002-Amsterdam Canal W Boats 2_ - Print 18w12hAMS-0003-Amsterdam Graffiti_ - Print 18w12hAMS-0004-Amsterdam Sidewalk Green_ - Print 18w12hAMS-0005-Amsterdam Sidewalk Red_ - Print 18w12hAMS-0008-Bicycles On The Wall_ - Print 12w18hAMS-0009-Boat Reflection_ - Print 18w12hAMS-0013-Cheeses At The Farmers Market Of Nooderk_ - Print 18w12hAMS-0014-Cherubs And Skulls_ - Print 18w12hAMS-0015-Clock Of Noorderkerk_ - Print 12w18hAMS-0022-Gaurdian Of The Street_ - Print 12w18hAMS-0023-Mushrooms At The Farmers Market At Noorderk_ - Print 18w12hAMS-0024-Orange Car In Amsterdam_ - Print 18w12hAMS-0025-Prinsengracht Canal - Amsterdam_ - Print 18w12hAMS-0026-Smoking Angel - Print 18w12hAMS-0027-Which Way Do We Go - Print 18w12hAMS-0028-Edam Cheese Wheels_ - Print 18w12hAMS-0031-Milk Canisters In Edam_ - Print 18w12hBUD-0004 Budapest shoe memorial_printBUD-0005 Budapest gellert and freedom_print